It’s rare for someone to not use a computer or a digital mobile device at least once a day, and some work on them for much longer. In addition to reading devices at close range for several hours a day, the switching back and forth between near and far vision has increased considerably. This can lead to Digital Eye Strain symptoms such as blurred vision, tired or dry eyes and neck strain. According to the Vision Council, 61% of adults experience digital eyestrain.

Zeiss has designed a Digital Lens is primarily for our customers in the 25 to 45 age range who use their mobile phones and tablets throughout the day. It provides a wide, clear distance zone and comfortable near zone for stress-free viewing of digital screens. Designed for all-day wear, Zeiss’s Digital Lens is ideal for single vision customers who suffer from Digital Eye Strain.

PC Magazine has published a nice review of this Digital Lens as well as has reviewed a similar product from Gunnar Optiks. If you’d like to learn more, click the link below:

PC MAGAZINE: Zeiss Digital Lens (July 07, 2015)