We pride ourselves at Media Eye Works in having access to the most technologically advanced eyeglass lens solutions available worldwide. We also like to keep on top of emerging new technologies that are on the horizon. Thus, we have been following the development of a new generation of liquid crystal lenses that will automatically change their refractive index – that is, the way that light bends through them – based on sensing where a wearer’s eyes are trying to focus.

This is not a new technology as it currently is used with some smartphone lenses. But the concept behind this idea is that when a user is focused on a far distance, these lenses will operate like a normal pair of glasses. But when a user is looking at an object close up, like a newspaper, or at an intermediate distance, like a computer monitor, sensors will track the eyes, calculate where you are looking and adjust the focus of the lenses up to three diopters

If you want to read more about this new innovation, we suggest clicking following link:

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Eyeglasses That Can Focus Themselves Are on the Way (March 09, 2016)