Ophthalmic Partners & Mielcarek’s Reorganization

The Unexpected Loss of Dr. Leon Mielcarek

In June 2016, Dr. Leon M. Mielcarek, Jr., the cofounder and medical director of the Mielcarek Eye Center, passed away unexpectedly. One of the many characteristics that distinguished Lee was his commitment and passion for bringing exceptional eye care services to our neighbors in Media and Delaware County.  His leadership always kept our Doctors and staff on the cutting edge of innovations in ophthalmology.

Choosing New Leadership for the Mielcarek Ophthamology Practice

Lee felt a serious sense of obligation to our patients and community.  It was important for us to honor that as we considered an appropriate transition to fill his leadership void.  We wanted to make sure that our current staff would carry on with Physicians who embodied the same detailed and compassionate medical care that was Lee’s hallmark.

Fortunately, we found the perfect answer to our transition challenge in Ophthalmic Partners of Pennsylvania, P.C., an advanced eyecare practice based in the Delaware Valley that Lee had known and respected for years.  We were excited when Ophthalmic Partners agreed to take over the ophthalmology practice at the Mielcarek Eye Center.

With this transition, Mielcarek’s ophthalmology practice will continue in it’s current location, owned and operated as an Ophthalmic Partners’ office. The Ophthalmic Partners team is an outstanding group of physicans who are affiliated with Wills Eye Hospital. With their leadership, the Mielcarek Eye Center continues to carry on in the standout traditions that our patients have come to expect from us.

Establishing Mielcarek’s Optical Shop and Medical Facial Aesthetics Practice as Independent Entities

Against this backdrop, Media Eye Works Limited continues to operate as an independent eyeglass shop.  It remains in its current location at the Mielcarek Center and works with the eye doctors of your choice.

In addition, the aesthetics practice that existed with the Mielcarek medical practice, Facial Rejuvenation at Mielcarek, continues to provide a highly personalized, integrative and comprehensive approach to anti-aging and restorative skin care at the Mielcarek Center complex.  It also now operates as an independent entity.

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